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We are a dynamic group that handles all your borehole needs, pump systems and solar systems installation professionally. We aim at delivering high quality services to our clients at affordable market rates. At Raeli Hydro,  we  have  the   capacity   and  expertise needed to satisfy all your drilling requirements.

Over time, we have established an exceptional reputation as a provider of quality services, using state of the art equipment and client-focused business processes. We liase other industry players to stay updated and deliver internationally reputable services that also meet local standards.

We do not compromise on our quality, because our continual success is directly pegged to it, and so is the satisfaction and safety of our clients

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The cost of drilling a borehole depends on thelocation and depth of the borehole. Kindly get in touch with us for a quotation.

  • Geological/HydrologicalSurveycarriedoutbyaregisteredgeologistinthedesignatedcountry.
  • Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA)Authorization.
  • Environmental impact assessmentreport
  • NEMALicense

If required, we can assist in acquiring the above permits and licenses.

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